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teenwolf_fanart's Journal

Teen Wolf Fanart
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Anybody , Moderated
What kind of FANART should I post/link/rec here?

Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Crafts, Graphics, Icons, Manips, etc. If it's Teen Wolf fanart, we'll take it!

What shouldn't be posted here?
Art reposts. Unless you are the original artist, this is a place for artist's to crosspost their work. Recs are allowed, but please link to the artist's post rather than posting the art yourself.


1) Only post your own artwork or with your artist's permission in the case of collaborations.
2) DO NOT REPOST OTHER'S WORK, under any circumstance.
3) When reccing art, please link to the piece's location so the artist can get the feedback they deserve. Ask permission before cropping your own thumbnail if you use one.
4) Be courteous and respectful to each other, repeat violations will result in being banned from the community.
5) Art is subjective, if you don't like something just move on unless the artist has specified they are open to critique.
6) RPS/RPF artwork is absolutely acceptable here!
7) Adult content is also allowed, just make sure to read the info in the posting notes.
8) Crossovers are allowed!
9) Basically as long as you have a character/actor from Teen Wolf as the main focus, you are set! However...
10) This community does not allow any visual depictions of characters under the age of majority (defined as 16) in any form of sexual manner, including nudity.

A few notes on posting

Title your art in the Subject Line
If you have a title, please use it. If not, use a description such as: "12 Scott Icons" or "Sterek Art" etc.

Use the posting template

Other posting tips

Link or LJ-Cut your artwork.
While you may post your art directly to the community, it is recommended that you link back to your own Journal/Site. That way you can have all your feedback all in one place. But this is only a suggestion. If you feel more comfortable posting to the community, by all means do so.

Use thumbnails
Especially when posting NSFW images, and these thumbnails should not display anything NSFW in themselves. Mostly this is for cosmetic reasons, but the comm will simply look a lot better if preview pics are used, and they will also prevent viewers from seeing something they do not want to see. Think of it as common courtesy.

Tag your entries
When posting, just click through the tag list of all that apply to your artwork. Ask here if you need a new tag added and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Membership is open

Initial posts are moderated
Once your art has been approved, you will be added to the list of approved posters, so anything after that will not need to go into the moderation queue.

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